alphaH Sport+

Maximum performance and regeneration with natural dietary supplements

The L-ascorbic acid contained in alphaH Sport+ contributes to a normal function of the immune system during and after intensive physical activity.

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A plus for your increase in performance.

So that you stay healthy + fit!!

Tired and drained?
You don’t have to be!

On the one hand, alphaH Sport+ significantly enhances performance.

On the other hand, typical symptoms of fatigue are reduced even during and after training.

Unpleasant muscle soreness is also minimised.

Thanks to the regenerating effects of alphaH Sport+, you will feel fitter, better and healthier, despite intense physical stress.


alphaH Sport+ works against free radicals.

Free radicals work against us and our bodies, producing oxidative stress that weakens our resistance, especially during physical activity. But you can avoid this! HG Pharma’s renowned team of researchers and doctors has studied, among other things, the issue of metabolic changes and their negative effects over several decades, and efficiently bundled its scientific findings in alphaH Sport+’s innovative dietary supplements.


The performance-enhancing formula with 2-OXO-glutarate helps your body to get the most out of itself in a natural way.


The top performance of our athletes proves us right: alphaH Sport+ helps elite and hobby athletes to achieve more success in competitions.


alphaH Sport+ is extracted from natural raw materials and manufactured using state-of-the-art processes.


Concentrate, packaging and development meet the highest environmental standards.

Up to 20 %
performance enhanced

Proven in scientific studies:
alphaH Sport+ was not only developed by experienced doctors and researchers. It was also tested by top scientists in independent studies conducted with elite athletes. In collaboration with the renowned Institute of Sport Science at the University of Innsbruck, the corresponding tests proved that performance could be enhanced by up to 20%, and muscle pain and exhaustion reduced.

Like doping – but without doping!
Tested by the Cologne list.

The outstanding effects of alphaH Sport+ might initially be reminiscent of doping. Far from it: the dietary supplement was tested by the renowned Cologne List for doping substances and was included as one of the nutritional supplements that present a minimised doping risk, which were tested by a leading laboratory for anabolic steroids and stimulants in the NEM analysis for doping substances worldwide.


You will find additional information about the Cologne List, the initiative of the Olympic Centre Rhineland for the prevention of doping.

alphaH Sport+
gives the body what it needs –

alphaH Sport+ is a natural, regenerating and performance-enhancing drink that promotes energy metabolism and effectively fights oxidative stress in the body. Scientific studies have found that alphaH Sport+ strengthens cellular health and helps maintain a healthy body. Daily consumption ensures greater resistance against stress, tiredness, injury and disease. It also improves performance and concentration.

alphaH Sport+
Easy and quick to use

Enhanced sporting performance and improved regeneration are not complicated:


Just take alphaH Sport+ every morning as a 20ml shot mixed with 150ml water. Done!

You can achieve far more than you consider possible! But this new high performance must first be activated. This is exactly what alphaH Sport+ does with its carefully selected natural ingredients for strengthening cells and reducing stress. This means you can train longer, harder and with greater intensity.

ELITE ATHLETES rely on alphaH Sport+

Our Athletes

US football teams, the Austrian junior football team, a German premier league basketball team and many more: elite athletes have recognised the excellent effects of alphaH Sport+ and rely on it as a fixed element of their nutrition programme. The results are enhanced performance, fewer injuries and higher placings and rankings in the league tables.

Simon Pirkl

“I have noticed marked changes in my performance ever since I started taking alphaH Sport+. Thanks to alphaH Sport+, I can now maintain top performance for a longer period of time without getting tired and my recovery times are much shorter. I feel much fitter and stronger.”

Greatest achievements:
  • took part in the U19 European Championship
  • won the Toto Cup
  • professional contract with FC Wacker Innsbruck at the age of 16
  • promotion to the Austrian Bundesliga
Why this sport?

“Because for me, soccer is one of the most attractive sports and I’ve always been passionate about it.”


Anna Stecher

“Taking alphaH Sport+ on a regular basis facilitates my daily training routine in competitive sports whilst making it much easier for me to combine sports with my schoolwork. Despite the long hours spent in competition venues, I still have enough energy and focus later on in the evening to be able to achieve top results. I feel much better: more alert and energetic.”

Greatest achievements:
  • 2016 – outstanding Dancer Category Children (Austrian Dancer Cup)
  • 2018 – undefeated Austrian champion in the Solo Junior Lyrical category
  • 2018 – special mention in the Solo Junior Modern category
  • 2017/18/19 – World Champion (Group)
Why this sport?

“My two cousins introduced me to the world of dance. Ever since then, it has been my one great passion and an important part of who I am.”


Thomas Herwig

“I have been taking alphaH Sport+ for quite some time and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I can train for longer periods than before and my recovery times have become much shorter. My performance has improved steadily. I can run for longer and I need less time to regenerate. I feel much stronger and there is quite a noticeable difference if I miss even one dose. I feel much better with alphaH Sport+ and I’m 100 % convinced.”

Greatest achievements:
  • U18 National Team
  • FC Wacker Innsbruck
  • soccer scholarship as an international student in the USA
Why this sport?

“I’ve always been good at this sport and I’ve always loved being on the court with the ball.”


Helmut Dersch

“Taking alphaH Sport+ helps me regenerate faster. I feel less exhausted which means I am more motivated and have more energy for training. My aerobic performance has improved considerably (competitions involve short periods of extremely high exertion – each fight lasts 3 x 3 minutes). I recover more quickly, periods of muscle soreness following new or unaccustomed training exercises are much shorter, and I have noticed a general improvement in my physical well-being.”

Greatest achievements:
  • various national championships
  • couch and founder of the Kitzbühel Taekwondo Club
  • ranked 6th dan
Why this sport?

“I was attracted to taekwondo out of a mixture of interest and curiosity.”


Victoria Herwig

“alphaH Sport+ makes me feel much more alert and focused over a longer period of time. I also sleep a lot better. This makes me fitter, more alert and able to regenerate faster.”

Greatest achievements:
  • placed in classes A and L
  • Vice Champion in class L
  • Upper Austrian Union MS Juniors (and general class) 2019
Why this sport?

“I’ve always loved working with horses.”


Rupert Erhardt

“Shooting is an excellent and verifiable method for measuring your ability to cope with stress. The learning effects from one session to the next are enormous and can be clearly seen in the shot grouping. Boosting my energy levels with alphaH Sport+ helps me stay calm and deliberate and improves my shooting accuracy.”

Greatest achievements:

“Being able to breathe more deeply and effectively from the diaphragm.”

Why this sport?

“What fascinates me most about shooting is that it teaches you excellent strategies for coping with stress.”


Alexander Hauser

“With alphaH Sport+ I have no sore muscles after training and I generally feel physically excellent. A must for all people who want to go beyond their limits when training.”

Greatest achievements:
  • multiple missions
Why this sport?

“I turned this sport into my profession.”


Mario Gintsberger

Greatest achievements:
  • Change from the Tyrolean selection to Austria Wien
Why this sport?

“Football has been my life for as long as I can remember. I love the sport and have fun every second. It is my great passion!”

Sport and
oxidative stress

This video explains the relationship between exercise and oxidative stress.

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