Our Goal

It is our mission to significantly reverse symptoms of diseases and to increase or re-establish human wellbeing

Our mission

Researching and developing innovative quality products with natural ingredients to activate human health.
That’s always the main focus of our team of researches, doctors and scientists.

Our key to your health

Being an innovative company, we managed to build a bridge “back no nature” with our expertice in medicine, chemistry and biology.

Our trendsetting, patented quality products help the human body to help it self by supporting metabolism processes. We close the gap between nature and pharmacology / OTC /medicine and allow the human body to activate its mechanisms of defense by making products that function right where the body regulates its own metabolism.

This opens up completely new medical opportunities. All our products are independently tested, and these tests confirmed their unique effects.

Our focus areas

Reducing oxidative stress

Improving quality of life in patients suffering from neurological diseases

Strengthening the immune system

Assoc.-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Ralf Herwig

President of the Austrian Andrological Society, Head of Dept. of reconstructive Urology, Andrology and Men’s Health, Vienna Urology Foundation associated Professor of Urology, Medical University Vienna

Our lab services

Ensuring product research, testing and documentation for the biomedical industry.

One of the main activities in HG Pharma involves assisting medical companies in medical testing, conduction clinical studies as well as documentation for patenting of new natural remedies and biomedical substances.

To the HG Pharma products

Innovative bio-pharmacology to activate and support the immune system and highly effective facial care to inhibit the skin metabolic aging process.


Natural, purposefulmagnesium intake EffectsHow does magnesiumAKG work?The magnesium in magnesiumAKG supports a multitude of processes…

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HyCareHGHyaluron Skin Care Booster Stops the aging process and gives your skin a rejuvenated complexion….

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ImmunoD® ATSM

ImmunoD® ATSMThe first medical dietary supplement worldwide for the treatment of autism diseases. Official Patron…

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ImmunoD CLS

ImmunoD® CLSPatented vitamin d3 product ImmunoD® CLS ImmunoD®CLS is a new, patented product containing vitamin…

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alphah Sport+

ACHIEVE YOUR PERSONAL BEST MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE AND REGENERATION alphah sport+ Maximum performance and regeneration with…

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Our key to your healthalphah2+®buy now Dietary supplement forspecial medical purposesThe patented quality product alphaH2+®…

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1Matzi V., Lindenmann J., Muench A., Greilberger J., Juan H., Wintersteiger R., Maier A., Smolle-Juettner FM., The impact of preoperativesupplementation in lung surgery. A prospective randomized trial of oral supplementation of combined α-ketoglutaric acid and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Volume 32, Issue 5, November 2007, Pages 776–782