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For a healthy body

At any age and in every situation

For a healthy body

at any age and in every situation


The magnesium contained in magnesiumAKG supports a variety of processes in the human body and helps with

reducing fatigue and exhaustion

the electrolytic balance

maintaining a normal energy production metabolism

maintaining normal muscular function

maintaining normal proten synthesis

maintaining healthy psychological function

preserving bone structure

preserving healthy teeth

Magnesium is also important in cell division processes


AKG (alpha-ketoglutaric acid) is a natural substance that is present in every human cell. It is very important in various metabolism processes.

It helps the human organism to more efficiently and quickly intake magnesium.
Consequently, the body profits by increased magnesium levels, and less of it is excreted unutilized.

More effects
of AKG

reduces oxidative stress

re-establishes cell balance

supports cell detoxification

The new combination of magnesium and alpha-ketoglutaric acid can be used in a variety of ways, e.g.

to generally increase strength by improving nutritional supply

to improve relaxation and regeneration after sports

it is helpful combatting menstrual cramps

it can balance out an intense and sociable lifestyle

Our mission

Innovative bio-pharmacological products
to activate and support health.