ImmunoD® CLS EN
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ImmunoD® CLS

Supports the natural
immune system.


Supports the natural
immune system.

ImmunoD® CLS

Supports the natural immune system

A new patented product that contributes to the body’s natural defence to improve or restore immune system function. It is a water-soluble complex of two naturally occurring substances: Vitamin D3 and recombinant

What does
ImmunoD® CLS do for you?

ImmunoD® improves the body’s ability to fight diseases and stay healthy by reducing the body’s oxidative stress.

A higher activation of the entire immune system by using ImmunoD®.

Patients with tumour diseases, neuro­ degenerative diseases or diabetes mellitus showed a significant improvement in their quality of life.

Recognizable reduction of neurologic symptoms for ALS patients.

How does
ImmunoD® CLS work?

Stability and performance of the immune system play a major role in preventing, relieving, and healing diseases, because the immune system protects the body from all sorts of attacks. This is why cuts heal, colds improve, and other physical threats are averted before we even notice them.

ImmunoD® CLS is a new, innovative product, containing Vitamin D combined with a biological protein. It can be used for boosting the body’s natural defences, especially for persons with a decreased immune response caused by bacterial or viral infections or in case of allergy and wound healing.


Recent scientific studies recommend complexed Vitamin D as a treatment and prevention for infectious diseases because it reduces oxidative-nitrosative stress symptoms.

The human immune system consists of white blood cells and the organs and tissues of your lymphatic system. The function of these cells throughout the entire system is controlled by various stimulators.


ImmunoD®  has been recognised as a potent stimulator for different parts of the immune system.

For whom is
ImmunoD® CLS suitable?

Our scientific research shows that all people with reduced immune activity and quality of life can potentially benefit from ImmunoD®.

Especially recommended for patients with:

Tumour diseases

Neuro-degenerative disorders

Diabetes mellitus


a decreased immune response caused by bacterial or viral infections

in case of allergy and wound healing

as a treatment and prevention for infectious diseases

Pediatrics, Neurologists, Gastroenterologists, Immunologists, General Practitioners and Oncologists apply ImmunoD®.

When and how
to apply ImmunoD® CLS?

ImmunoD® CLS is a dietary supplement and dietary food for special medical purposes prescribed and administered by physicians.

ImmunoD® is a biological therapy. The therapy consists of 4 ampoules supplied in a box.

Each ampoule contains the freeze-dried active ingredients. Every other day, fill the ampoule halfway with water, close the ampoule and shake the contents carefully for 45 seconds.

It is consumed by oral ingestion, whereby the amount of liquid should remain for 3 minutes in the mouth before swallowing it.

Do not administer in conjunction with a meal.

Boosting the Immune System

The following video explains how ImmunoD® and the vitamin D3 it contains affect the immune system:

Our mission

Innovative bio-pharmacological products
to activate and support health.

To the HG Pharma products

Innovative bio-pharmacology to activate and support the immune system and highly effective facial care to inhibit the aging process caused by skin metabolism.

Gain balanced health by boosting energy within body cells.

Natural dietary supplement for increased performance and maximum regeneration.

The new immune-regulating therapy product boosts the body’s natural defenses.

ImmunoD® ATSM is the first medical dietary supplement worldwide for the treatment of autism diseases.

Stops the skin aging process effectively and gives you a youthful and fresh look and appearance.

MediSeptic protects against viruses and bacteria for up to 2 hours and 99,999 % (Log3).