The best science and nature have to offer.

For you and your health.

Our mission

Research and development of innovative biomedical products to improve your health.

The eminent scientists and doctors at HG Pharma have been researching metabolic changes and their negative consequences for several decades.


Our in-depth research in the field of cellular health focuses on a single goal: to find the key to reversing the symptoms of disease and thus to supporting and restoring human well-being and health.

Our focus areas

Reducing oxidative stress

Improving quality of life in patients suffering from neurological diseases

Strengthening the immune system

Assoc.-Prof Priv.-Doz. Dr med. Ralf Herwig

President of the Austrian Andrological Society, Head of Dept. of reconstructive Urology, Andrology and Men’s Health, Vienna Urology Foundation associated Professor of Urology, Medical University Vienna

Assoc-Prof Dr MA Natural Philosophy Joachim Greilberger


Institute of Physiological Chemistry. University Lecturer in Medical Chemistry at the Institute of Medical Chemistry and Pregl Laboratory. University Lecturer in Physiological Chemistry at the Medical University of Graz. Founder and owner of the Greilberger Institute for Laboratory Science.

Our lab services

Ensuring product research, testing and documentation for the biomedical industry.

One of the main activities in HG Pharma involves assisting medical companies in medical testing, conduction clinical studies as well as documentation for patenting of new natural remedies and biomedical substances.

Our key to your health

Research and biochemical innovation.

Our professional findings from this research and the development of biochemical innovations have been channelled into our pioneering new products. Each of them has been tested in independent studies, is patented on the basis of its unique effects and, last but not least, opens up completely new medical possibilities – both in the treatment of diseases and in the areas of performance, immune defence and anti-aging.

We use naturally occurring substances and rigorous scientific research to develop products that promote your health.

To the HG Pharma products

Innovative bio-pharmacology to activate and support the immune system and highly effective facial care to inhibit the aging process caused by skin metabolism.

Gain balanced health by boosting energy within body cells.

Natural dietary supplement for increased
performance and maximum regeneration.

The new immune-regulating therapy product boosts the body’s natural defenses.

ImmunoD® ATSM is the first medical dietary supplement worldwide for the treatment of autism diseases.

Stops the skin aging process effectively and gives you a youthful and fresh look and appearance.

MediSeptic protects against viruses and bacteria for up to 2 hours and 99,999 % (Log3).